Primary Docker is a successor to Primary Vagrant and a fork of the Ouroboros project by UF Health.
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Primary Docker

A tool to make Docker-based development easier across multiple projects.

This project is a fork of a configuration I built for UF Health at


Primary Docker provides a small proxy that will allow you to use multiple Docker projects at once. In addition, it provides both MailCatcher and Webgrind to help troubleshoot email issues (and prevent erroneous emails from being sent to customers) as well as to help profile performance and other issues with your PHP applications. Finally, it also contains Search-replace DB to make working with databases even easier.

Think of it as a hub to allow you to develop in multiple projects on your machine at the same time (something that isn't really possible with Docker alone).

Setting up DNS on Mac

For Mac we can use the .test top-level domain via dnsmasq and resolver.

brew install dnsmasq
echo 'address=/.test/' > /usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf
sudo brew services start dnsmasq

Check to make sure you have the directory /etc/resolver. If not, create it sudo mkdir /etc/resolver. Then you can add your .test resolver:

sudo bash -c 'echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolver/test'

This will allow anything with a .test domain to point to the Traefik proxy


Launching Primary Docker

Instead of docker-compose up -d use ./develop up -d. This will create a network called primarydocker_default which will make linking from other projects easier.

Accessing MailCatcher

To access MailCatcher simply point your browser to [http://mailcatcher.test]

Accessing Webgrind

To access Webgrind simply point your browser to [http://webgrind.test]

Accessing Search-Replace DB

To access Search-replace DB simply point your browser to [http://srdb.test]. Note you will need to make the database you want to work on accessible to the outside network before this will work.

Access the Traefik dashboard

Traefik offers a great dashboard to help you visualize your sites. You can access it at [http://traefik.test:8080/dashboard/]


  • Initial Release