Simple hosts file management in Go (golang).
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-- import “”


type Hosts

type Hosts struct {
	Path         string
	Section      string
	FileLines    []HostsLine
	SectionLines []HostsLine

Represents a hosts file.

func NewHosts

func NewHosts("") (Hosts, error)

Return a new instance of Hosts.

func IsComment

func IsComment(line string) bool

Return true if the string is a comment.

func (*Hosts) Add

func (h *Hosts) Add(ip, comment string, hosts ...string) error

Add an entry to the hosts file.

func (Hosts) Flush

func (h Hosts) Flush() error

Flush any changes made to hosts file.

func (Hosts) Has

func (h Hosts) Has(ip string, host string, forceFile bool) bool

Return a bool if ip/host combo in hosts file.

func (*Hosts) IsWritable

func (h *Hosts) IsWritable() bool

Return true if hosts file is writable.

func (*Hosts) Load

func (h *Hosts) Load() error

Load the hosts file into l.Lines. Load() is called by NewHosts() and Hosts.Flush() so you generally you won’t need to call this yourself.

func (*Hosts) Remove

func (h *Hosts) Remove(ip string, hosts ...string) error

Remove an entry from the hosts file.

type HostsLine

type HostsLine struct {
	IP      string
	Hosts   []string
	Comment string
	Raw     string
	Err     error

Represents a single line in the hosts file.

func NewHostsLine

func NewHostsLine(raw string) HostsLine

Return a new instance of HostsLine.