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Merge branch 'develop'
assets Fix font path 1年前
includes/functions version bump and remove obsolete CDN 1年前
template-parts mode phpcs fixes 1年前
tests Switch to WordPress core theme tests. 2 年前
.gitattributes Add remaining ignores 3 年前
.gitignore ignore .vscode folder 2 年前
.jshintrc Heavy refactoring 4 年前
.travis.yml remove unneeded tests and upgrade to PHP 7.2 1年前
404.php Clean up code for coding standards 2 年前
Gruntfile.js Remove content types from theme 1年前
archive.php Don't double-display the title 1年前
comments.php Remove obsolete comment 1年前
composer.json Update composer dependencies 1年前
composer.lock Update composer dependencies 1年前
footer.php fix phpcs error 1年前
functions.php Version bump 1年前
header.php More autoformmating for standards. 2 年前
home.php Lots of cleanup 2 年前
index.php Lots of cleanup 2 年前
package-lock.json npm update 1年前
package.json Update npm packages 1年前
phpcs.xml ignore css files 1年前
phpunit.xml Cleanup code tools 1年前
readme.md Fix title in readme 2 年前
screenshot.png Initial commit 5 年前
search.php minor code standards fixes 1年前
sidebar.php Refactor normal templates 4 年前
single.php more template simplification 1年前
style.css Version bump 1年前


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