A WordPress theme I used to use on www.chriswiegman.com.
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Chris Wiegman ad1addefe0
Merge branch 'develop'
1 anno fa
assets Fix font path 1 anno fa
includes/functions version bump and remove obsolete CDN 1 anno fa
template-parts mode phpcs fixes 1 anno fa
tests Switch to WordPress core theme tests. 2 anni fa
.gitattributes Add remaining ignores 3 anni fa
.gitignore ignore .vscode folder 2 anni fa
.jshintrc Heavy refactoring 4 anni fa
.travis.yml remove unneeded tests and upgrade to PHP 7.2 1 anno fa
404.php Clean up code for coding standards 2 anni fa
Gruntfile.js Remove content types from theme 1 anno fa
archive.php Don't double-display the title 1 anno fa
comments.php Remove obsolete comment 1 anno fa
composer.json Update composer dependencies 1 anno fa
composer.lock Update composer dependencies 1 anno fa
footer.php fix phpcs error 1 anno fa
functions.php Version bump 1 anno fa
header.php More autoformmating for standards. 2 anni fa
home.php Lots of cleanup 2 anni fa
index.php Lots of cleanup 2 anni fa
package-lock.json npm update 1 anno fa
package.json Update npm packages 1 anno fa
phpcs.xml ignore css files 1 anno fa
phpunit.xml Cleanup code tools 1 anno fa
readme.md Fix title in readme 2 anni fa
screenshot.png Initial commit 5 anni fa
search.php minor code standards fixes 1 anno fa
sidebar.php Refactor normal templates 4 anni fa
single.php more template simplification 1 anno fa
style.css Version bump 1 anno fa


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