A WordPress theme I used to use on www.chriswiegman.com.
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	"name":              "ChrisWiegman/chriswiegman-theme",
	"description":       "The theme for chriswiegman.com.",
	"type":              "wordpress-theme",
	"homepage":          "https://www.chriswiegman.com/",
	"license":           "GPLv2.0+",
	"authors":           [
			"name":     "Chris Wiegman",
			"email":    "chris@wiegman.us",
			"homepage": "https://www.chriswiegman.com/",
			"role":     "Developer"
	"minimum-stability": "dev",
	"require":           {
		"php": ">=7.2"
	"post-install-cmd":  [
	"post-update-cmd":   [
	"require-dev": {
		"wp-cli/wp-cli": "^2.0",
		"phpunit/phpunit": "7.4.*",
		"stevegrunwell/wp-enforcer": "dev-master"